Monday, June 8, 2015

About the Archive

The Church of Notre Dame NYC History Archive is the result of research that was undertaken in preparation for the New York LandmarksConservancy’s Sacred Sites Open House Weekend 2015.  While not a true archive in the sense of a collection of items with searchable metadata, this site is intended to document historical facts about the Church that have been discovered to date and to provide access to as many primary sources as possible. 

The contents of this site are arranged by category in the sidebar (Pages).  Categories include the history of the parish and architecture of the building, as well as special features of the Church interior and exterior.  Within each category, readers will find explanatory narrative, photographs and links to external  sources. One page is dedicated to newspaper articles arranged chronologically with links provided to the original source, if possible.  All other types of sources, such as books, digitized items from the Notre Dame Parish Archive, and links to the archive pages of other institutions in which information about the church may be found are on the Additional Sources page. 
This “archive” is a work in progress that will be updated as additional information becomes available.  No church records survive on the stained glass windows, the baptismal font, or the statues, and input from readers who are able to offer information or clues that could help to fill in gaps is most welcome.

Those who wish to visit the Church of Notre Dame may click and print the Self-Guided Tour or pick up a copy at the Church. View the New York Landmark Conservancy’s  “Tourist in Your Own Town” feature video of the Church of Notre Dame here.